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I’ve always loved my work. I started my career as the Director of a Wellness Center at a local college, left it to run my own personal training business and recently returned to teaching Junior High Physical Education. What a blast! Becuase I’m an exercise specialist people always assume that I’m some marathon running vegetarian. I’ve never run more than an hour in my life and if my husband didn’t insist on vegetables you probably wouldn’t find them on my plate. Well, that was before getting cancer anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I eat well, exercise regularly, and take care of myself. But that wasn’t always the case. I had my Clint Eastwood phase of smoking and drinking in my youth.

People also assume that I love professional sports. My students are constantly asking “Did you see the game last night?” Nope. Not one minute of it. Some think it’s ironic I teach sports but could care less about them. I’d rather be doing than watching. I’d rather inspire others to move, in whatever fashion they like, than sit in front of the TV watching a game. The Olympics are the only exception. I’m not against TV; I’ll sit on my butt for hours watching important shows like American Idol, Fringe and Survivor, just not sports.

I fully believe in what goes around, comes around and the law of attraction. I can’t spin my wheels trying to figure out why I got cancer with no known risk factors. I just did. I have little patience (now more so than ever) for negativity in any form. And I fully believe in paying it forward. That’s really what this blog is about. My goal is help motivate and educate others on the importance of staying physically activity and mentally positive while treating and moving beyond cancer. Together, we can succeed at working out cancer.

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