Motivating with Technology

I love technology but you wouldn’t always know it based on a couple of things.

  1. I bought my first cell phone when my son was five.
  2. I don’t text.
  3. I hate my smart phone.

To be fair, I’m impatient with my phone and should have just bought the iPhone but didn’t. Ahh, live and learn and wait out my contract. But I digress.

I wanted to share two cool pieces of technology that are designed to help motivate you and keep you on track. The first one is a site called which helps you find the perfect music for walking, cycling or running according to your pace.  You simply plug in your desired speed and up pops a list of songs to keep you on tempo, pretty cool. It also comes in app for your iPhone, that is of course if you have one. 🙁

The next technology has been around for a long time but surprisingly so many people still don’t use them. I’m talking about heart rate monitors. If you truly want to maximize your workouts you need to be working at the appropriate level of intensity. This requires knowing where your heart rate is at. I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to disrupt my workout simply to measure my pulse. With my heart rate monitor, I simply look at it and know if I need to change my pace. It keeps me honest and like a few of you reading this (KF) it keeps you from slacking off. They range in price from $50-500, depending on all the functions you want, like GPS, saving favorite routes, downloadable reports, and cleaning your oven.

Well maybe not the last one, but I would pay extra for that!

5 Responses to Motivating with Technology

  • Kristyn Friske says:

    If I only I had the wisdom to bring my heart rate monitor while hiking in CO this week-end. It’s nearly 100 degrees and hiking uphill was brutal! I’m sure I was out of my zone with all my huffing and puffing. I highly recommend everyone get one – it really does make a huge difference! Now if I can only remember to bring it with me when traveling – is there an app for that? 🙂

    P.s. thanks for music tip

    • The altitude can do a number on you! Saw an earlier picture of yours at Red Rocks, was there a few years ago, beautiful! The app you are looking for is called “I’d forget my head if it wasn’t attached”. Wait, that’s the app for my son…

  • Jan Baird says:

    Thanks for the tips on technology, especially the I’m savvy about some techie aspects, and hopelessly lost on others. I’m happy with my “dumb phone” and a MagicJack as a backup. I dropped texting to save money. I don’t miss “smart texting” at all, but I do have an iPod so I can check email on the go if I’m at a “wifi hot spot.”. I told my sons if they needed to contact me they can use Skype, phone, facebook, or email. Aren’t those enough ways to communicate? xx

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