Thank You Brian for the Lesson of Living


I went to an amazing funeral today. I know that sounds sacrilegious, but let me explain. My husband’s best friend from childhood, Brian Baker, died in an accident in his home last weekend while celebrating the news of the arrival of his first grandchild.  How very tragic. Prior to the start of the services everyone was trying to make sense of it and console one another, a daunting task. But then an amazing thing happened.

It had nothing to do with the traditional Catholic mass format with all the prayers and hymns. It had everything to do with his family and friends. The first speaker did an outstanding job of depicting Brian – warts and all. What was blatantly clear was Brian was a man who knew how to love, give, protect, laugh and live. It had nothing to do with money and everything to do with understanding life was a gift meant to be shared with others.  Family member after family member echoed these sentiments throughout the service. The end result was everyone one there today left feeling better for having known Brian  and inspired to live their own lives a little more fully.

It shouldn’t take the death of a loved one or receiving a cancer diagnosis to remind us of this, but sometimes it does. What I ask of you reading this is to celebrate the simple things this holiday season – family, friendships, random acts of kindness and loving who you are, right now, right here today.

4 Responses to Thank You Brian for the Lesson of Living

  • MIchael says:

    Well said Cara. Very sad story. Sending thoughts and prayers for Brian’s family and friends.

  • Kristyn Friske says:

    Finally getting around to reading this post, and it’s especially poignant as we have spent the last two weeks by my brother-in-law’s bedside as he prepares to make the transition which will be very soon. He has countless friends and his hospital room is like party central – we can’t believe the volumes of people that keep coming and going throughout the day. Your post is so true and a great reminder to celebrate the simple things.

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