Great example of why you should ask questions!

Sometimes navigating a medical problem can feel like this. You can never ask too many question 🙂 

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  • Colleen Shaffer says:

    Background: Double mastecomy in ’99 (scar tissue from that and radiation), TFL reconstruction in 2000 (so now my knee stablizers are my breasts) and right leg about 1/2″ shorter (just found out) and had T-10 compression fracture 20 yrs ago. I’m a “undetectible” metastatic breast cancer patient (on Xeloda now for 11 yrs) 🙂 (14 yrs overall survivor). I’m 5’9″; 135 lbs & about 25% body weight (age 61)…and hate public’s version/sterotype of what a cancer patient can do.

    Question: What exercises do you suggest with my medical background?

    Comment of the day: Survivorship programs didn’t exist when I first got breast cancer. As an advocate, I suggest any breast cancer patient be reviewed before surgery and’or radiation by physical therapy. A therapist can help reduce scar tissue and limited range of motion that “will” occur over time unless addressed.

    • Hi Colleen,

      I too agree that everyone should be screened prior to treatments to assess their current physical capabilities and range of motion so they know what their start point is and where they want to get back to. As for exercise recommendations I would suggest some type of aquatic workout or light weight bearing exercises like an elliptical or stationary bike for cardio with the leg length imbalance. A well rounded program will include aerobic 30 mins 5 X a week, resistance training 2-3 times, balance exercises and daily stretching. Is there a good facility near you to help get you started?

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