The Accidental Swimmer

So there I was, day one of vacation, with a warm, calm ocean, a foot issue preventing me from running and no excuses about not being able to share a lane.  So I bit the bullet, donned goggles and a cap and started swimming.

I am not the most comfortable swimmer, so I swam really close to shore. I mean embarrassingly close. So close that more than once my stroke hit the sand and I swear the two fish following me were laughing.  But I kept going, knowing two things. One, I would never see these people or fish again and two, it felt great.

Since my surgery -almost 5 years ago- I haven’t had my full range of motion in my right arm. Close, but not completely.  That is until I started swimming. I have long known the benefits of aqua-therapy but I somehow didn’t think I needed them.  Who needs the hassle of messing with chlorine on their already colored hair, not to mention going into cold water? Apparently I do!

I realize now, that in my desire to feel like “normal” again and resume my old exercise routine, I was forgetting some valuable lessons that cancer taught me.  

  • Today is the day to try new things.
  • Getting back to the way things were isn’t always best for you.
  • If you can laugh at yourself, it doesn’t matter who else is laughing.

What have you tried new lately?

4 Responses to The Accidental Swimmer

  • marilyn sue says:

    Thanks for this blog…many people need to consider trying new things.
    I am thinking of getting a knee replacement. My quality of life has really been affected by my knee pain.

  • Lesley says:

    I always loved swimming and used to swim a mile for fun and workout, before my breast
    cancer diagnosis. I am happy to say that I’m now back up to swimming a mile again, after easing back into it.. The swimming has helped stretch out my arm muscles, that were very tight after all the surgeries. I feel so alive once again. Swimming is a great exercise and low impact on your whole body. 😉

    • So glad to hear you are enjoying swimming Lesley! Since posting, I’ve been meeting up weekly with two other friends – both survivors. Even though we each do our own thing ( I’m in the slow lane) – the buddy system and company is so motivating.

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