Cathartic Exercise

 I recently replied to a request from Knoworthy for submissions for If Only I Knew Letters  from cancer survivors. We were asked to write a letter to ourselves about the day we were diagnosed.  I must admit I was surprised at how cathartic I found this exercise to be. This October 28th I will hit the 5 year mark for No Evidence of Disease (NED).

For as much as I have learned and experienced since then, until I wrote this letter, I never really stopped and took the time to acknowledge all that I went through. Whether or not you have had a cancer diagnosis, I highly recommend picking a time in your past and writing yourself a letter from today’s perspective. Looking back is often the best way to move forward.

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  • Judi Hiwat says:

    I was operated on july 9 th.( breast ).It was very small, I discovered it myself, everything went well my glands are clean. I was free to choose for chemotherapy. Because I am 46 years old the doctor said i am very young. So chemotherapy would be preventive in my case. There are women who choose not to take the chemotherapy. But I decided to do it. I am married and I have a 14 year old daughter, I want to be clean and safe!! So I read your massage and yes I am looking back;
    I am succesfully oprerated and i have had my first of 6 chemotherapy sessions. I wuold like to receive from you an exercise programme so I can exercise at home , please could you send me a programme? I am a fanatic sporter I go to the gym and always take active part in group lessons. Now i would like to continue this at home. Thank you very much and I am happy that you are writing so much about everyhing we all can learn from you. Bye greetings . Thank you for your time amd reply.

  • Thanks for sharing Judi!, looking back can be very beneficial. I’ll send you a direct email in regards to your exercise questions 🙂

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