RAK Challenge


 The other day I was the recipient of a random act of kindness (RAK). It was completely unexpected – came from an unlikely source and it totally made my day!

It got me thinking about all the recent  flurry of media surrounding the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which has done a wonderful job in raising awareness and funds for the fight against this disease.  It also made me realize it had been a while since I had performed a random act of kindness myself.


So I’d like to issue a RAK Challenge to all of you. 

Over the next week see if you can perform one random act of kindness. Then challenge a friend to do the same  😉

2 Responses to RAK Challenge

  • Colleen Shaffer says:

    My RAK is handing my business card that has a pink angel on the back. It’s my alter ego/image and it shows that metastatic breast cancer isn’t a death sentence but a chronic disease. I was given 6 months to live and I just celebrated my 13 yr. survivorship with liver and spine mets which I’m now considered undetectable [still on chemo]. I offer “hope’ and promise to call anyone, anywhere on my dime to help answer questions, assist to support. As a retired patient advocate at our local breast center,16 yrs. overall survivor, founder of a regional nonprofit that pays for medical treatment for breast cancer…my RAFs are assisting breast cancer patients to caregivers navigating through the medical system and emotional upheaval. Information and support comes in many forms that can trigger many RAF’s. Remember within every crisis lies an opportunity, one just has to look outside the box to see it at times.

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